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Conference Presentations

The IRMA staff regularly contribute to the professional discourse in order to elevate and advocate for best practices in research, analysis, and data management. See below for recent conference presentations and published material.

Assessment Workshop: Writing Effective Reports5/31/2016Liz Sanders
2014 IAIR & MidAIR Conference Presentation: Make Your IR Website Work For You (And Everyone Else...)11/15/2014Alim Ray
2014 CSRDE Presentation: Using Survival Analysis to Model Retention in a Master's Program11/4/2014Joe Filkins
IAIR Conference Presentation: Home-by-Course College Matrix10/24/2014Jasmine Ahmad
IABS Conference Presentation: Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 - Outcomes, Impacts, and Influence6/20/2014Gerry McLaughlin
IABS Conference Presentation: Transparency Accountability Information Symmetry and Integrity - Creating Guiding Principles for Developing US Institutional Ratings and Rankings6/20/2014Gerry McLaughlin
AIR Conference Presentation: Measuring Diversity - A New Approach for Health Professions Education5/30/2014Gerry McLaughlin
AIR Conference Presentation: Predictive Validity of ACT from 2002-07 to 2008-115/28/2014Gerry McLaughlin
The DIAMOND Project: An overview of DePaul's introduction of Non-cognitive measures in Freshman Admission4/17/2014Sue Stachler
Basic Design Visualization Tips for Designing Tableau Dashboards3/22/2014Karolynn Horan
IAIR Conference Presentation: A Note on Measuring Diversity10/25/2013Gerry McLaughlin
Economic Sustainability and Institutional Characteristics10/25/2013Gerry McLaughlin
A Strategic Look at Enrolling Successful Transfer Students6/5/2013Gerry McLaughlin
2013 AIR Forum Panel Discussion: DePaul's Use of Non-Cognitive Variables in the Admission Process5/20/2013Sue Stachler
IAIR Conference Presentation: Character Development - Identifying and analyzing unclassified subsets of the student population for the use of recruitment strategy and planning11/15/2012Connie Castellucci
2012 National Symposium on Student Retention: A Workshop on Benchmarking Retention Data10/29/2012Gerry McLaughlin
IAIR Conference Presentation: Comparing the bachelor's completion rates of native transfer students using multiple informational sources10/15/2012Gerry McLaughlin
AACRAO SEM Conference Presentation: A Tale of Two Cultures - Building a Comprehensive EM Culture_David Kalsbeek, Liz Sanders, SEM 20126/4/2012Liz Sanders
Conference Presentation (IAIR): Data Visualization in Academic Program Review11/1/2011Liz Sanders
AIR Conference Presentation: Analyst Developers and Tableau6/1/2011Alim Ray

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