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This page supports chairs and associate deans by bringing together department-level enrollment reports, including those related to registration, courses, and majors or double-majors by program. If you have questions or would like to include additional information, please contact Julie Artis.

For Student Records Data queries previously developed by the University Registrar that may also meet your needs, click here.

Course Analytics

Course Registration Velocity
Course Velocity

New Student Admission and Enrollment

Admission Summary
by Program
by Program
Admission Summary by Program New Continuing by Program

Enrollments by Department and Program

Data is based on students active and enrolled at census.
Fact File Table 1-5
Program Enrollments by College
Fact File Table 1-8
Program Enrollments by College
by Race/Ethnicity by Gender
Double Majors
Fact File 1-5 Fact File 1-8 Double Majors

Degrees Conferred by Department and Program

Data is based on primary majors. Degrees conferred for double majors are not included unless otherwise specified.
Fact File Table 5-3
Degrees Conferred by College by Major
Fact File Table 5-6
Degrees Conferred by Major
by Race/Ethnicity by Gender
Fact File 5-3 Fact File 5-6

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