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IRMA Week in Review


1. We continue to fine-tune and test the IRMA reports that use Slate data. We will continue to modify and update reporting based on new features and capabilities of Graduate and Undergraduate Slate. For more on this, contact Alim Ray.

2. We are finalizing the IPEDS Comparative Analysis which compares DePaul to a set of 25 like institutions on several measures of institutional performance and health. We are also refreshing the analysis that created the peer set in order to determine what schools have been added to or have fallen off the list since the original analysis was completed. For more on this, contact Joe Filkins.

3. We met with our colleagues in Global Engagement to discuss the Global Pathways international enrollment initiative. We will fold this information into our enrollment projections that lead to fall SRAC planning. For more on this, contact Coleen Dickman.

4. We have posted new resources on our website, including two new alumni reports (Alumni in the United States and Alumni Worldwide) thanks to our colleagues in Advancement Services, and "Market Share #112 Top Ten Fastest Growing Master's Level Occupations in the Chicago Region." For more on this, please contact Liz Sanders.