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IRMA Week in Review

Week of August 7, 2020

1. We are planning for summer census next weekend and the fall census and reporting season. Fall classes begin on September 9 and College of Law fall classes begin on August 24. In addition to the September 26 fall census snapshot, we will be creating a first day of class census snapshot for additional early reporting.

2. We are working with our colleagues in Academic Affairs and the colleges to wrap up the collection and review of information for the Program Portfolio Review project. For more on this, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

3. We met with our EM partners to discuss developing admission data feeds directly from Slate for ongoing analysis with our HCRC partners. Moving ahead with Slate feeds will require additional conversation about how to transform historical datasets. For more on this, contact Alim Ray.

4. We worked with our Academic Affairs colleagues on course modality reporting and data. For more on this, contact Patti Huerta.