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IRMA Week in Review

Week of November 8, 2019

1. We presented to our Admission colleagues on new freshman and transfer enrollment profiles. We will expand this information for our December Brown Bag, where we will present on freshman admission, enrollment, and graduation trends. For more on this, contact Coleen Dickman.

2. We are working with our Academic Affairs partners to review and reconcile faculty data for Section 7 of the Fact File and other faculty reporting. For more on this, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

3. We are working on analyses of students who were enrolled last year but did not register this fall, both for the Executive Retention Group (XRG) and our college partners. Other college partner requests included data for the School of Public Service NASPAA accreditation for the Master of Public Service and the Master of Public Policy. For more on these projects, contact Liz Holder or Kristina Walters.

4. We are working on external survey requests, including finalizing the Common Data Set (CDS) and the Peterson's Annual Expenses Update Survey, as well as discussing the requirements and response rates for the student survey portions of the Princeton Review and the WSJ/THE survey. We are also collaborating with the University Registrar and IS to develop a glossary of shared terminology for university reports. For more on these projects, contact Vera Setiawan or Grachelli Bihis.