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IRMA Week in Review

Week of January 17, 2020

1. We cleaned the October faculty/staff data captures for external faculty reports to AAUP, IPEDS and CUPA. We submitted the full-time faculty data to CUPA-HR. Participation in this data share grants us access to average salary by disciplines for the participating set of institutions. For more on this, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

2. Our College Decision Support team worked with colleagues in several colleges on information requests. These conversations included examining the majors of students taking SCPS courses, reviewing class size calculations and updating this methodology with CDM, sharing market and enrollment data with Psychology and working with Biology on a DPR data project. For more on these projects, contact Kristina Walters.

3. We met with our colleagues in the Career Center to discuss the Emsi Alumni Outcomes and Alumni Insights tools and how to communicate this information to the broader community. For more on this, contact Vera Setiawan.

4. We met with our EM partners to discuss the winter Executive Retention Group meeting. We discussed information needs for the presentation on demographics, student experiences, and outcomes for African American undergraduate students. For more on this, contact Liz Holder.