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Week of August 3, 2018

1. The Fall Preliminary Enrollment Update report is now running, and can also be accessed in interactive format. This report can be found on the Leadership Resource Room. We are also preparing for the fall SCHERPA enrollment planning conversations with the deans in preparation for the SRAC budget process and for the fall reporting season. If you have any questions about the reports, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

2. We met to wrap up the refresh of the analysis that created the nearest neighbor comparator set of private institutions DePaul uses regularly for benchmarking. These nearest neighbor institution, now a list of 20 institutions, are based on a statistical analysis of all private institutions to identify those most similar to DePaul on several dimensions. We are now finalizing the report. For more on this contact Jackie Cameron.

3. Together with our Enrollment Services and Civitas Group colleagues, we continued to make progress on the course analytics and college management reports, including reports on section enrollment, average class size, students enrolled by day and time and course enrollments by major/minor status. These reports will be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks and will be posted to the Department and Program Resource Room when available. We have also added an international student filter to the New/Continuing Enrollment by Program interactive report also on this Resource Room. For more on these reports, contact Joe Filkins.

4. We are analyzing student perception trends from the Admitted Student Surveys and the Continuing Student Surveys. We will be distributing and posting information as it becomes available. For more on this, contact Sue Stachler.