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Week of March 17, 2023

1. Spring enrollment reports are available on the Leadership Resource Room, including the Enrollment Update and the Enrollment Trajectory. The additional enrollment scenarios page will be running next week. Contact Kristina Walters with questions.

2. We have significantly retooled the process that we use to report enrollment and graduation data to the Illinois Board of Higher Education IHEIS system. We will use this new SQL-based system for reporting student enrollment and degrees awarded to IHEIS and IPEDS in the near future, streamlining the process and minimizing inconsistencies. Although the requirements for the IPEDS and IBHE/IHEIS reporting are not the same, the new system provides us flexibility to meet varying demands. It is also robust and will carry us into the future. For more on this, contact Patti Huerta or Alim Ray.

3. We have several survey projects underway. We launched the Division of Mission and Ministry survey. The purpose of this survey is to measure the extent to which the experience at DePaul University contributes to enhancing the spiritual development of students, improves their understanding of various religious/spiritual traditions, and connects their spiritual or religious experiences with current social and environmental challenges as expressed in our university mission statement. We are reviewing the data from the Graduate Student Continuing Student Survey, to learn more about perceptions of international and domestic graduate students. We are also testing the Qualtrics single sign on feature that will make it easier for us to get the word out to students on opportunities they have to share their perceptions and feedback with us. For more on this, contact Joe Filkins.

4. We met with the Associate Dean Council to discuss the master's retention and graduation information. For more information, see Latest Releases Enrollment Planning Dashboard: Freshman, Transfer, and Master's Outcomes by College. We are planning additional analyses for the Master's New Student Profile, Retention and Graduation Brown Bag in the Spring, including information on where master's students go when they leave DePaul (from the National Student Clearinghouse data). For more on this, contact Liz Holder.