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IRMA Week in Review

Week of May 17, 2019

1. We met with our colleagues in GEMS and University Marketing to review projects currently underway. We are continuing to work with our graduate admission partners on the inquiry and origin code reporting. For more information on this effort, contact Alim Ray.

2.Our June Brown Bag presentation will feature the CEO partnership program. We have also completed the Partnership Program Report and the New Program Enrollment Report. We will be sending information out soon about this Brown Bag. For more on this, contact Coleen Dickman.

3. We are continuing to develop our college decision support initiative. We are working to integrate information that will support the college during annual planning and management, Academic Program Review and the academic program prioritization initiative. For more on this, contact Joe Filkins.

4. Spring is survey season in IRMA. For more on IRMA surveys, click Reports and Questionnaires here, or contact Jackie Cameron.

  1. The Graduating Senior Survey and Graduating Graduate Student Survey are in the field.
  2. The Gallup Alumni Survey is in the field. We will also be launching the alumni survey for Academic Program Review later this summer to a sample of alumni 1, 3, and 5 years after graduation.
  3. We are finalizing the launch of the Freshman Admitted Student Survey with our partners at Human Capital Research Corporation.
  4. We have completed data collection for the Advising Survey and we are beginning to focus on analysis.