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IRMA Week in Review


1. Fall is reporting season in institutional research. We are updating our report checklist and preparing for fall census this weekend. We are also updating the enrollment planning materials with first-week-of-class enrollment figures to share with the deans in advance of the final fall data reports. For more on this, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

2. We continue to work on rebuilding admission reports with data from Slate. We met with our colleagues in the Community College partnerships to talk about DePaul Admission Partnership Program (DAPP) reporting and data support. We are working with our MarComm colleagues to understand how Slate's origin codes work, and will be recreating a graduate inquiry year-over-year report in lieu of including inquiries on the admission reports. For more on this, contact Alim Ray.

3. We are creating a Strategic Planning Resource Room to house resources and materials that will be useful for those who will be involved in the strategic planning process. For more on this contact Liz Sanders.

4. We discussed information support for the upcoming Academic Program Review (APR) megacycle which begins with the humanities programs. We will also be meeting with our colleagues in Academic Affairs to discuss the APRC Guidebook changes and how IRMA can most efficiently and effectively support the APR process. For more on this, please contact Joe Filkins.