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IRMA Week in Review

Week of March 20, 2020 and what a week it was!

1. The spring enrollment report is here and the summer enrollment and summer course registration velocity reports will be up next week. Other reports that may be of interest on the Department and Program Resource Room include the spring Registration Velocity by Course report and the Number of Students on a Waitlist report. We will also be posting a report soon on daily add/drop activity over the registration cycle, with comparisons to last year. For more on these reports, contact Kristina Walters or Nicole Platt.

2. We launched a new report on spring enrollment trajectories, now available on the Leadership Resource Room. We will be adding more filters and views in the upcoming days. We will also post the historical Online Enrollment Trends report, a look at online enrollment by term, including the summer term. This report has been updated through Fall 2019. For more on these projects, contact Jasmine Ahmad.

3. The Brown Bag on transfer enrollment and retention will be on zoom. We will have two sessions and have updated the March 31 and April 2 calendar appointments. For more on this, contact Coleen Dickman or Liz Holder.

4. We are not launching any student surveys right now. Institutional research colleagues at other institutions are discussing whether to launch a survey to students later this term about perceptions of the university's response and support during the COVID 19 disruption and experiences with transitioning to online coursework. We will work with our colleagues at DePaul to evaluate whether this makes sense for us. For more on this or if you have comments, please contact Liz Sanders.