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Week of June 21, 2019

1. We met with our Gallup partners to discuss the top-line results from the alumni survey. We also identified additional analyses and comparisons that will be useful as we continue to develop the report. For more on this project, contact Joe Filkins.

2. We are collaborating with colleagues in Student Affairs on an outreach initiative to boost student retention across all entry types and class levels. We are providing information support for Student Affairs' calling campaign to DePaul students who have not yet registered for fall 2019 classes. This information will help Student Affairs efficiently manage the project and be better informed for conversations with students. We are also reaching out to peer support programs to understand data needs in preparation for information support next year. For more on this, contact Nicole Platt.

3. We compiled information on undergraduate and freshman enrollment trends at DePaul and a group of comparison institutions for the Provost. We drew the information primarily from IPEDS and institutional websites. For more on this, contact Coleen Dickman.

4. We met to discuss next steps in course analytics reporting, including documentation and training videos. The report development team will be working on these materials over the summer, as part of a larger effort to make information easier to find and easier to use. For more on this, contact Kristina Walters.