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IRMA Week in Review


1. We continue to partner with our university colleagues to revise and expand resources available on the Leadership Resource Room. We have posted new reports developed by HR on Employee Turnover and Employee Headcount. For more on these reports, contact Kyle Spanski in Human Resources. We have also posted Sections 6 and 8 of the Fact File. Contact Joseph Magliari with questions about this.

2. We presented a summary of new freshman and transfer student trends to the Undergraduate Admission office. We will be sharing this information, along with the retention rates of last year's freshmen and updated graduation rates at the upcoming Brown Bag scheduled for Wednesday, November 15th (Loop Campus) and Thursday November 16th (LPC). Contact Shannon Milligan for information on the presentation. Contact to Debbie Setnes RSVP.

3. We presented the annual fall freshman retention and graduation report to the Executive Retention Group (XRG) this week. We will be posting this report to our Latest Releases web page. As part of this continuing analysis, we will be analyzing data from the National Student Clearinghouse on where non-returning freshmen enrolled after leaving DePaul. For more on this, contact Liz Holder.

4. We relaunched Student Pulse, a one-question poll of current students on a variety of academic and co-curricular topics and current events using Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter, thanks to the support of our colleagues in Marketing Communications. We will be posting more about this effort and results on our website. This is part of a larger effort to rethink student survey research and engage students differently in the feedback loop process. For more on this, contact Joseph Magliari or Nicole Platt.