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Week of May 13, 2022

1. We have posted the fall and summer preliminary enrollment reports. See the Enrollment Update and the Enrollment Trajectory reports on the Leadership Resource Room, and the Registration Velocity by Course report on the Department and Program Resource Room. For more on this, contact Kristina Walters.

2. We have refreshed the Double Demon and Combined Degree Enrollment Trends report. Double Demon students are alumni from any of DePaul's colleges who have returned to DePaul for graduate coursework or a degree. Combined degree students have enrolled in a combined degree programs, taking courses during their senior year that will be applied to both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. This report summarizes enrollment trends for students in these programs.

We will also be hosting our next Brown Bag New Transfer Profile: Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Trends next week Tuesday 5/24 or Wednesday 5/25. For more on these projects, contact Coleen Dickman.

3. Spring is survey season in institutional research. Along with various surveys in the field and in analysis, we are refreshing the Survey Resources web page and resources. In the next couple of weeks, we will also be reaching out to our EM and graduate admission colleagues to discuss the 2021 July launch of the graduate admitted student survey. For more on these efforts, contact Joe Filkins.

4. We shared outcomes for participants in the SCPS Men of Color initiative with our colleagues in SCPS. This also included information on current enrollment patterns to assess and identify a new program framework and opportunities. For more on this, contact Jasmine Ahmad.