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Student Pulse

The Student Pulse is a one-question survey posted on various DePaul social media platforms. Student Pulses are conducted biweekly and after the results are posted on our social media platforms as feedback to participants, the results are posted here. For questions, or suggestions for future Student Pulse posts, please contact Joseph Magliari.

  • Do you have a virtual study group for finals? 3/9/2021
  • Do you typically wear blue on Thursdays? 2/25/2021
  • Thank you for participating! 6/24/2019
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? 6/21/2019
  • Do you prefer a walk through the woods or a day at the beach? 5/23/2019
  • Will you be attending Service Speaks? 5/1/2019
  • Would you ride Metra more regularly if they offered a Depaul student discount? 4/25/2019
  • Have you filed your taxes yet? 4/11/2019
  • Are you a Cubs or White Sox fan? 3/28/2019
  • Are you staying on campus for spring break? 3/14/2019
  • Will you file your FAFSA for 2019-2020? 2/14/2019
  • Do you prefer marshmallows or whipped cream in your hot cocoa? 1/31/2019
  • Do you regularly consume student media? 1/18/2019
  • Have you ever ridden the 'L' holiday train? 12/6/2018
  • Did you vote? 11/9/2018
  • Are you registered to vote? 10/25/2018
  • Have you heard of Blue Demon Duty? 10/11/2018
  • Have you gone to a DePaul home game yet? 9/27/2018
  • Did you take any summer classes? 9/13/2018
  • Thank you for participating! 6/7/2018
  • Do you enjoy participating in Student Pulse? 5/25/2018
  • Have you seen DePaul's 'HERE, WE DO' ads? 5/8/2018
  • Are you participating in Vincentian Service Day? 4/24/2018
  • Have you participated in an organized protest? 4/10/2018
  • Do you work a gig? 3/27/2018
  • Did you take a gap year before starting? 3/15/2018
  • Did you know WBB won Big East regular season? 3/1/2018
  • Do you have a Valentine? 2/15/2018
  • Groundhog Day is Friday, will he see his shadow? 2/1/2018
  • Have you applied to any internships yet? 1/18/2018
  • Have you made any New Year's resolutions? 1/10/2018
  • Are you staying on campus over break? 12/8/2017
  • Are you having a Friendsgiving this year? 11/27/2017
  • Been to the new Wintrust Arena Yet? 11/10/2017