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Market Shares & IR Abstracts

For a full list of IRMA's Market Shares and IR Abstracts, please consult the Market Share/IR Abstract Series list.

IR Abstract #21: 63 Percent of Graduating Seniors See Graduate School in Their Future6/8/2017
MS #111: Juris Doctor (JD) Enrollment Declines at all Illinois Law Schools and Colleges4/24/2017
MS #110: Illinois Master's Enrollment in Six Largest Disciplines4/23/2017
MS #109: Illinois Master's Enrollment at Ten Largest Institutions4/22/2017
MS #108: National Trends in Career Interests for New Freshmen7/7/2016
IR Abstract #20: Number of Students Taking Online Classes Steadily Increases6/21/2016
MS #107: More Non-Enrolling Freshmen in Illinois are Choosing Public Institutions5/4/2016
IR Abstract #19: High Performance in Freshman Year is Important for Success4/21/2016
MS #106: One in Ten DePaul Freshmen from Chicago Public Schools3/28/2016
MS #105: Freshman Enrollment in the University Honors Program1/27/2016
MS #104: EDGE Freshmen Have Strong First-Year Retention and Academic Performance1/18/2016
IR Abstract #18: The Growing Importance of Online Summer Credit Hours9/29/2015
MS #103: 2014 Graduate Summer Enrollment Snapshot at Select Regional Institutions8/7/2015
MS #102: 2014 Undergraduate Summer Enrollment Snapshot at Select Regional Institutions8/6/2015
IR Abstract #17: DePaul Seniors' Engagement in High Impact Practices6/23/2015
MS #101: 2010-14 Graduate Summer Enrollment Trends at Select Regional Peers6/19/2015
MS #100: 2010-14 Undergraduate Summer Enrollment Trends at Select Regional Peers6/18/2015
MS #99: The Most Influential Information Sources During the College Choice Process4/29/2015
MS #98: Three Minnesota High Schools are DePaul's Top Out-of-State Feeders3/6/2015
MS #97: Lane Tech is DePaul's Top Feeder High School Over the Last Decade2/6/2015
IR Abstract #16: National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Comparisons to Carnegie Peers11/15/2014
MS #96: DePaul "Double Demon" Enrollment Increased from 10 Percent to 13 Percent Over Four Years11/15/2014
IR Abstract #15: One in 20 DePaul Graduates from 2008-2012 Earned Post-Baccalaureate Degrees or Certificates10/15/2014
MS #95: DePaul's Ranks on Six of Eight U.S. News Indicators are Highest in 10 Years10/15/2014

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