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IR Abstracts

These one-page summaries provide information about DePaul's market prominence, position and performance and insights and outcomes from institutional research.

IR Abstract #51: University Enrollment Increased in Fall 202310/30/2023
IR Abstract #50: Freshman Retention Increased in Fall 202310/27/2023
IR Abstract #49: Illinois Master's Enrollment Shifts by Sector from Fall 2018 to 20229/15/2023
IR Abstract #48: Illinois Bachelor's Enrollment Declines from Fall 2018 to 20229/14/2023
IR Abstract #47: Term-to-Term Re-Enrollment for 2019 Freshmen Lags Behind Previous Years9/5/2023
IR Abstract #46: The Proportion of Students Taking Classes on Campus is Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels8/15/2023
IR Abstract #45: More Continuing Undergraduates Are Registering On Time for Fall8/8/2023
IR Abstract #44: Undergraduates took 62 percent of their Credit Hours in their Home College6/7/2023
IR Abstract #43: The 15 largest Bachelor's Programs awarded 59% of all Bachelor's Degrees in 21-225/15/2023
IR Abstract #42: Enrollment by Self-Reported Pronouns, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation5/8/2023
IR Abstract #41: Freshman Retention Holds Steady in 20221/6/2023
IR Abstract #40: 2021 Freshmen with Mission Characteristics3/3/2022
IR Abstract #39: Freshman Retention Increased and Graduate Rates Decreased in Fall 20212/7/2022
MS #124: DePaul Remains Largest Catholic Institutions in Fall 20211/31/2022
MS #123: Where Do Non-Enrolling Freshmen Go1/10/2022
IR Abstract #38: Undergraduates Leaving DePaul Enroll at Community Colleges7/6/2021

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IR Abstract #37: Freshman Retention Declined in Fall 20202/8/2021
IR Abstract #36: Most Freshmen Return to The Same College in Year Two2/7/2021
IR Abstract #35: Student of Color Enrollment Increases in 202011/2/2020
IR Abstract #34: 2020 Freshmen with Mission Characteristics10/23/2020
MS #122: 2020 Freshmen Class is the Largest and Most Diverse in History10/20/2020
MS #121: New Transfer Enrollment Trends at DePaul and Local Peers8/2/2020
IR Abstract #33: Graduation and Enrollment Status of DePaul's 2012 Freshman Cohort1/31/2020
IR Abstract #32: Four and Six Year Graduation Rates1/22/2020
IR Abstract #31: Freshman Retention Patterns at DePaul1/19/2020
IR Abstract #30: Masters Degrees Increase 11 Percent Over Time12/3/2019
MS #120: Where do Non-Enrolling Freshman Admits Go?11/7/2019
IR Abstract #29: The Changing Mix of New Undergraduate Students6/4/2019
MS #119: Benchmarking DePaul Against Other Institutions4/23/2019
IR Abstract #28: Seven Percent of Graduates Had a Double Major3/27/2019
MS #118: DePaul Remains the Largest Catholic University in 20181/8/2019
IR Abstract #27: 2018 Freshmen with Mission Characteristics1/8/2019
MS #117: Healthcare Occupations are Fastest Growing Master's Level Occupations5/29/2018
MS #116: Nursing Projected as Fastest Growing Occupation in the Region5/28/2018
IR Abstract #26: Proportion of Bachelor's Degrees Awarded Rises over Time4/19/2018
MS #115: Proportion of DePaul Freshmen Who Are Catholic Declines Over Time3/27/2018
MS #114: New Freshmen from Archdiocese of Chicago High Schools3/26/2018
IR Abstract #25: 2017 Freshmen with Mission Characteristics2/7/2018
MS #113: New Graduate Student Enrollment in Combined Programs Increases in 201712/12/2017
IR Abstract #24: Part-time Undergraduate Enrollment Declines Over Time12/12/2017
IR Abstract #23: International Enrollment Declined for the First Time in Eight Years11/17/2017
IR Abstract #22: International Enrollment Growth at DePaul Spurred by Undergraduates8/7/2017
MS #112: Top Ten Fastest Growing Masters Occupations in the Chicago Region6/30/2017
IR Abstract #21: 63 Percent of Graduating Seniors See Graduate School in Their Future6/8/2017
MS #111: Juris Doctor (JD) Enrollment Declines at all Illinois Law Schools and Colleges4/24/2017
MS #110: Illinois Master's Enrollment in Six Largest Disciplines4/23/2017
MS #109: Illinois Master's Enrollment at Ten Largest Institutions4/22/2017
MS #108: National Trends in Career Interests for New Freshmen7/7/2016
IR Abstract #20: Number of Students Taking Online Classes Steadily Increases6/21/2016
MS #107: More Non-Enrolling Freshmen in Illinois are Choosing Public Institutions5/4/2016
IR Abstract #19: High Performance in Freshman Year is Important for Success4/21/2016
MS #106: One in Ten DePaul Freshmen from Chicago Public Schools3/28/2016
MS #105: Freshman Enrollment in the University Honors Program1/27/2016
MS #104: EDGE Freshmen Have Strong First-Year Retention and Academic Performance1/18/2016
IR Abstract #18: The Growing Importance of Online Summer Credit Hours9/29/2015
MS #103: 2014 Graduate Summer Enrollment Snapshot at Select Regional Institutions8/7/2015
MS #102: 2014 Undergraduate Summer Enrollment Snapshot at Select Regional Institutions8/6/2015
IR Abstract #17: DePaul Seniors' Engagement in High Impact Practices6/23/2015
MS #101: 2010-14 Graduate Summer Enrollment Trends at Select Regional Peers6/19/2015
MS #100: 2010-14 Undergraduate Summer Enrollment Trends at Select Regional Peers6/18/2015
MS #99: The Most Influential Information Sources During the College Choice Process4/29/2015
MS #98: Three Minnesota High Schools are DePaul's Top Out-of-State Feeders3/6/2015
MS #97: Lane Tech is DePaul's Top Feeder High School Over the Last Decade2/6/2015
IR Abstract #16: National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Comparisons to Carnegie Peers11/15/2014
MS #96: DePaul "Double Demon" Enrollment Increased from 10 Percent to 13 Percent Over Four Years11/15/2014
IR Abstract #15: One in 20 DePaul Graduates from 2008-2012 Earned Post-Baccalaureate Degrees or Certificates10/15/2014
MS #95: DePaul's Ranks on Six of Eight U.S. News Indicators are Highest in 10 Years10/15/2014
IR Abstract #14: Enrollment of African American Males Grows by 34 Percent4/15/2014
IR Abstract #13: DePaul African-American Enrollment Grows at the Graduate Level4/14/2014
MS #94: Career-Focused Curriculum is Very Important to Freshman Admits Intending to Enroll3/15/2014
MS #93: Where do Non-Enrolling DePaul Admits Enroll?1/15/2014
IR Abstract #12: Time to Degree Declines Over Time for Master's Students12/15/2013
MS #92: DePaul's Growing Student Veteran Enrollment9/1/2013
IR Abstract #11: Undergraduate Enrollment is up 2 Percent in Summer 2013 Despite Overall Decline9/1/2013
IR Abstract #10: Undergraduates Rate Their DePaul Experiences More Positively in 2012 than 20066/1/2013
MS #91: Nearly 600 Undergraduates Enroll Elsewhere in the Summer5/2/2013
MS #90: Visitors Are a Small Proportion of Undergraduate Summer Enrollment5/1/2013
IR Abstract #9: High Performing Freshmen Grad Rate2/6/2013
IR Abstract #8: 4-Year Graduation Rate Highest Ever2/5/2013
IR Abstract #7: Bachelor's Degrees Increasing Annually12/1/2012
MS #89: When Do Parents Start Saving for College5/20/2012
MS #88: Perceptions of Parent Influence on the College Choice Process5/1/2012
MS #87: DePaul Double Demons4/1/2012
MS #86: National Bachelor's Degree Attainment at 30 Percent for First Time for Adults 25 Years and Older3/1/2012
MS #85: Master's and Bachelor's Degree Growth by College5/1/2011
IR Abstract #6: Time-to-Degree of Master's Level Students5/1/2011
MS #84: How DePaul's Mission is Reflected in its Enrollment Profile4/2/2010
MS #83: Freshman Enrollment from CPS up 36 Percent from 20084/1/2010
IR Abstract #5: On the Fast Track: Students who Graduate in Less than 4 Years3/1/2010
IR Abstract #4: Students Taking Online Courses Increases2/1/2010
MS #82: Freshmen Opinions about Colleges Influenced by Web-based Sources11/1/2009
MS #81: Economic Climate Impacted 2009 Freshmen in Several Ways10/1/2009
MS #80: Degrees Awarded to Hispanics in Illinois increased from 1998 to 20079/2/2009
MS #79: DePaul Leads Hispanic Undergraduate Enrollment among select IL Privates9/1/2009
MS #78: Changes in DePaul's Colleges Share of Master's Enrollment, 1999-20085/1/2009
IR Abstract #3: Graduation Rates of Graduate Students on the Rise5/1/2009
MS #77: DePaul Enrollment Keeps Pace with Statewide Trends4/3/2009
IR Abstract #2: Closing the Gap in the Retention of Underrepresented Groups4/1/2009
IR Abstract #1: Retention and Graduation of DePaul Freshmen3/11/2009
MS #76: Double Demons: DePaul Graduate Students Who Are DePaul Alumni3/1/2009
MS #75: National Master's Application Volume and Acceptance Rates by Field11/2/2008
MS #74: What Prospective Graduate Students are Looking For11/1/2008
MS #73: DePaul's Rankings in U.S. News & World Report10/2/2008
MS #72: What goes into the U.S. News & World Report Rankings10/1/2008
MS #71: African-American Undergraduate Enrollment at DePaul9/2/2008
MS #70: College Destination Profile of CPS High School Graduates9/1/2008
MS #69: Master's Degrees to Hispanic, African-American and Native American Graduates2/3/2008
MS #68: UIUC is Top Feeder for DePaul Master's Degree Recipients2/2/2008
MS #67: DePaul Among Top Four Awarding Master's Degrees in Illinois2/1/2008
MS #66: New Fall 2007 Transfers at DePaul by Age Group11/2/2007
MS #65: First Generation Freshmen at DePaul in Fall 200711/1/2007
MS #64: When did Freshmen Applicants Decide to Attend DePaul?9/2/2007
MS #63: Freshmen are Applying to More Schools Each Fall9/1/2007
MS #62: The Proportion of Adult Undergraduates at Large Catholic Four-Year Institutions7/3/2007
MS #61: The Proportion of Minority Undergraduates at Large Catholic Four-Year Institutions7/2/2007
MS #60: The Proportion of Minority Undergraduates at National Catholic Four-Year Institutions7/1/2007
MS #59: Growth in New Graduate Degrees Awarded by DePaul6/3/2007
MS #58: New Academic Programs Fuel Growth in Degrees Awarded by DePaul6/2/2007
MS #57: Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees Awarded by DePaul6/1/2007
MS #56: DePaul's Share of the Master's Level Computer and Information Sciences Market5/6/2007
MS #55: DePaul's Share of the Master's Level Business Market5/5/2007
MS #54: DePaul's Share of the Master's Level Education Market5/4/2007
MS #53: DePaul's Share of the Bachelor's Level Computer and Information Science Market5/3/2007
MS #52: DePaul's Share of the Bachelor's Level Business Market5/2/2007
MS #51: DePaul's Share of the Bachelor's Level Education Market5/1/2007
MS #50: Profile of Graduating Transfer Students3/3/2007
MS #49: Profile of Graduating Seniors3/2/2007
MS #48: Profile of Graduating Seniors by Ethnicity3/1/2007
MS #47: Top Programs for Illinois GMAT Test Takers9/7/2006
MS #46: Trends for Illinois GMAT Test Takers by Gender9/6/2006
MS #45: Trends for Illinois GMAT Test Takers by Ethnicity9/5/2006
MS #44: Global Trends in GMAT Test Takers by Age Group9/4/2006
MS #43: College Bound High School Graduates9/3/2006
MS #41: DePaul Freshmen Living on Campus9/2/2006
MS #40: DePaul's Freshman Retention Rate Stays Relatively Steady During Growth9/1/2006
MS #39: DePaul Admitted Student Perceptions of DePaul and Peers2/4/2006
MS #38: DePaul Admitted Student Perceptions of DePaul and UIC2/3/2006
MS #37: DePaul Admitted Student Perceptions of DePaul and UIUC2/2/2006
MS #36: DePaul Admitted Student Perceptions of DePaul and Loyola2/1/2006
MS #35: What is Important when Choosing a College5/1/2005
MS #34: Where do our Non-enrolling Freshmen Applicants go?4/2/2005
MS #33: Where do our New Freshmen come from?4/1/2005
MS #32: Illinois Trends in Undergraduate Computer and Information Science12/3/2004
MS #31: GMAT Test Taking and Enrollment Trends12/2/2004
MS #30: Regional Trends in Young Adult Age Markets12/1/2004
MS #29: College Bound Recent High School Graduates10/2/2004
MS #28: Undergraduate Business Graduation Rates10/1/2004
MS #27: Why Freshmen Go to College6/3/2004
MS #26: How DePaul Freshmen See Themselves6/2/2004
MS #25: DePaul's First Generation Freshmen6/1/2004
MS #24: What Employers Seek in New Graduates, 20044/3/2004
MS #23: Where do our Non-enrolling Freshman Applicants go?4/2/2004
MS #22: Illinois' 2003 High Ability ACT Test Takers2/1/2004
MS #21: Participation in Distance Learning Delivery9/5/2003
MS #20: Engaging DePaul's Four Alumni Personalities (Part Two)9/4/2003
MS #19: DePaul's Four Alumni Personalities (Part One)9/3/2003
MS #18: DePaul's Illinois Market Position - Just How Big?9/2/2003
MS #17: DePaul's Adult Undergraduate Enrollment9/1/2003
MS #16: DePaul is Illinois' Second Largest Provider of Undergraduate Computer Education5/4/2003
MS #15: DePaul is Illinois' Third Largest Provider of Undergraduate Business Education5/3/2003
MS #14: DePaul is Illinois' Largest Private Bachelor's Level Institution5/2/2003
MS #13: DePaul's Fall 2002 Freshman Feeder High Schools5/1/2003
MS #12: What Employers Seek in New Graduates1/4/2003
MS #11: DePaul's National Prominence1/3/2003
MS #10: What Do Students Look for in an Ideal Graduate Computer and Information Sciences Program?1/2/2003
MS #9: What Do Students Look for in an Ideal Graduate Business Program?1/1/2003
MS #8: DePaul's Share of the Master's Level Business Market10/4/2002
MS #7: DePaul's Share of the Master's Level Education Market10/3/2002
MS #6: DePaul Dominates the Master's Level Computer Science Market10/2/2002
MS #5: DePaul Enrolls the Largest Share of Illinois Master's Students10/1/2002
MS #4: Where do our non-enrolling freshman and transfer applicants go?3/2/2002
MS #3: DePaul is the Eighth Most Requested University in Illinois3/1/2002
MS #2: DePaul is the Ninth Largest National Private University2/2/2002
MS #1: DePaul is the Nation's Largest Catholic University2/1/2002