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Table 7-9
Faculty and Staff by Race/Ethnicity, Gender, EEO6 Job Category, Full and Part-Time Status
Fall 2019/20

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African AmericanAm Indian/AK NativeAsianHispanic1Multiracial2Native HI/Pac IslandNonresident Alien3WhiteUnknownTotal

Executive, administrative and managerial8048003719103
Other professional (support services)3011824711815796352
Clerical and secretarial10016300251863
Skilled crafts100200015220
Graduate Assistants30352024211068
Part-time Staff9013202363285
Part-time Faculty280211720933382492
Full-time Faculty2723326503528554467
Teaching Fellow0001004409
No-EEO6 Category0000000000

Executive, administrative and managerial14041800210015153
Other professional (support services)56011626021210151517
Clerical and secretarial2906332014233146
Skilled crafts0010000315
Graduate Assistants9081480165323131
Part-time Staff101472023961126
Part-time Faculty391151491930379470
Full-time Faculty2712026302824652403
Teaching Fellow0000104207
No-EEO6 Category0000000101

Total Faculty and Staff4
Executive, administrative and managerial22082600517124256
Other professional (support services)861298613139367247869
Clerical and secretarial3907395016751209
Skilled crafts101200018325
Graduate Assistants1201119100407433199
Part-time Staff1915104047593211
Part-time Faculty671363111118636161962
Full-time Faculty54353528063531106870
Teaching Fellow00011086016
No-EEO6 Category0000000101
1 Faculty/Staff/Student Race/Ethnicity Reporting rules changed in 2008. Hispanic was reclassified to include any faculty who self-identified themselves as Hispanic regardless of other race self-identifications in order to comply with federal requirements. If an employee identifies an additional race, they will only be counted under this category.
2 In 2008, the category of Multiracial was added to include faculty/staff/students who identified with more than one race in order to comply with federal requirements. Multiracial includes all employees that have identified more than one race and none are Hispanic.
3 Nonresident Alien includes all faculty/staff/students who are not current citizens of the US based on PeopleSoft data or are present in the HR I-9 database. If an employee is identified as a Nonresident Alien they will not be included in any other category.
4 Excludes Graduate Assistants and Teaching Fellows.

Starting in 2012, faculty and staff data reported for the fall are captured annually at the end of September. For previous years, the data was captured in October.

Source: Faculty Database.

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