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Latest Releases

Market Analytics

Market Trend: Master's in Artificial Intelligence (2/4/2020)

2019 Freshman Admitted Student Questionnaire (ASQ) Reputation Competition (1/29/2020)

Market Trends: Doctorate in Global Leadership (Online) (1/27/2020)

Market Trends: Bachelors in Forensic Science and Technology (12/6/2019)

MS #120: Where do Non-Enrolling Freshman Admits Go? (11/7/2019)

Market Trends: MS in Operations Research (11/7/2019)

Fall 2019 Mission Tulips (10/31/2019)

EMSI Program Reports: Dietics and Clinical Nutrition Services (National, Illinois, and Chicago MSA) (10/31/2019)

Market Data: Athletic Training (10/18/2019)

EMSI Program Reports: Physical Education and Coaching (National, Illinois, and Chicago MSA) (10/18/2019)

Navigating IRMA's Website: The Cheat Sheet (10/17/2019)

Transfer Enrollment at Nonprofit Private Institutions in Illinois, 2015-2017 (10/1/2019)

Fall 2019 Total Adult Transfer Clearinghouse Non-Enrolled Report (9/28/2019)

Fall 2019 Total Freshman Clearinghouse Non-Enrolled Report (9/28/2019)

Fall 2019 Total Master Clearinghouse Non-Enrolled Report (9/28/2019)

Fall 2019 Total Traditional Age Transfer Clearinghouse Non-Enrolled Report (9/28/2019)

2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings (9/26/2019)

2020 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings Synopsis (9/24/2019)

Market Trends: EdS in Educational Leadership (9/24/2019)


Institutional Studies

Black Student Trends at DePaul, 2019 (2/19/2020)

IR Abstract #33: Graduation and Enrollment Status of DePaul's 2012 Freshman Cohort (1/31/2020)

IR Abstract #32: Four and Six Year Graduation Rates (1/22/2020)

IR Abstract #31: Freshman Retention Patterns at DePaul (1/19/2020)

Non-Returning Spring to Fall Undergraduates 2019 Annual Report (1/15/2020)

Brown Bag: Fall 2019 New Freshman Overview - DePaul's Enrollment, Retention and Graduation Trends (1/14/2020)

IR Abstract #30: Masters Degrees Increase 11 Percent Over Time (12/3/2019)

2019 Annual Trends in Freshman Retention and Graduation (11/20/2019)



New Program Report, Fall 2019 (2/1/2020)

2019 Freshman Admission Summary Book (12/19/2019)

2019 Enrollment Summary Book (12/19/2019)

2019 IPEDS Data Feedback Report (12/17/2019)

Transfer Enrollments by DePaul College by Major - By Community College (11/18/2019)

The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education's WSJ/THE College Rankings 2020 (11/15/2019)

Corporate Education Partnership (CEO) Report, FY 2020 as of Fall 2019 (11/15/2019)

Budget to Actual Credit Hours Trends, FY 2015-2020 (9/28/2019)

Budget to Actual Report Enrollment Trends, FY 2001-2020 (9/28/2019)

2019-20 IPEDS Reporting Schedule (9/13/2019)

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