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Profiles & Patterns

Part-time Faculty Report, FY 2016
Fact File - See Section 7: Faculty & Staff Statistics
Common Data Set - Section I: Instructional Faculty & Class Size
Full-time Faculty Counts
CIC Report: Changes in Faculty Composition at Independent Colleges


2016 Faculty Climate Survey, 2007-2016
2016 Staff Climate Survey, 2007-2016
2016 Survey on Academic Advising
BlueStar Surveys
2013 Faculty and Staff Climate Survey Interactive Report
DePaul University Naperville Survey


2013 Mythbuster Brown Bag - See Myth 2
2014 NCES Report - Enrollment in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2013; Financial Statistics, FY 2013; and Employees in Postscondary Institutions, Fall 2013;
AAUP salary benchmark table
Faculty Resources for New Program Proposal Market Studies
IRMA Data and Methods - Faculty Salary Benchmarking